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As Canada's internationally respected Financial Intelligence Unit, we have high expectations and high standards for our employees. Our selection process provides a thorough assessment of candidates, relying on a variety of tools to determine the right fit. Each step in the process is essential, and some may necessitate additional information or time. You can help by ensuring your application is clear, concise and complete, and that your participation in subsequent stages is honest, transparent and timely. The foundation of our relationship begins with this process.

Our selection process

Our process includes several important stages. The order may change based on the needs of a particular process. We continually optimize our approaches to enhance efficiency both for the organization, and for candidates.

Application: Our externally advertised job opportunities are posted on GC Jobs, and you must submit your application online through this system. This is your first opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates—remember to be clear and concise, and to address the qualifications in full.

Initial screening assessment: Your application is carefully reviewed against the qualifications of the position to verify elements such as education, experience, area of selection, language, and Canadian Citizenship. A short-list of candidates is selected for further consideration based on a combination of experience, career progression and achievements, and overall application presentation.

Qualification assessments: Depending upon the position or positions being staffed, a variety of assessments may be used to assess the essential and/or asset qualifications identified in the poster. These could include standardized or in-house tests administered online or in-person, interviews and/or reference checks.

Second language assessment (if applicable): Linguistic requirements are identified on the poster. Not all positions are designated bilingual and second language evaluations are not conducted for unilingual positions. If you are being considered for a bilingual position, we will arrange for you to complete the required testing through the Public Service Commission, unless you already have valid test results from the Commission.

Security and suitability assessments: To be considered for employment, candidates must be eligible for a Top Secret security clearance to our standards. Our process includes a suitability interview, a credit and financial check, fingerprinting, and a background investigation examining at least the last 10 years. Please see our Security and suitability requirements for details about the criteria and process.

Final assessment: The purpose of the final assessment is to determine which candidate or candidates most closely match the requirements of the position and the organization. A right fit interview may be conducted at this stage. Once the final assessment is complete, an offer is made to the selected candidate or candidates.

The length of time required to complete a process varies, depending on the number and types of positions to be filled, the number of candidates, the number of and time required for assessments, and the availability of the candidates.

Candidates may be eliminated from consideration at any stage if it is deemed that they do not meet the position qualifications. After the initial screening, only those candidates selected for further consideration will be contacted. All candidates who have been invited to participate in a subsequent test or interview will be notified of their results following the assessment.

Additional information for candidates

If this is your first experience applying for a position at FINTRAC or within the public service, the following information may help you prepare.

Essential qualifications: Essential qualifications are considered necessary to perform the work and must be met in order for you to be appointed to the position. They will be clearly identified on the poster and often include elements such as education, experience, competencies, abilities, skills and language requirements.

Asset qualifications: Asset qualifications may also be identified on the poster. They represent other types of education, experience, competencies, abilities or skills that may benefit the organization or enhance performance. It is not necessary for you to meet the asset qualifications to apply. However, it is in your interest to substantiate any qualifications that you do meet in your application as this can help you distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Employment equity and diversity: We are committed to building a skilled and diverse workforce that is reflective of Canadian society. We promote employment equity and encourage candidates to voluntarily self-identify if they are a woman, an Aboriginal person, a person with a disability, and/or a member of a visible minority group. For certain opportunities, selection may be limited to members of one or more of these employment equity groups.

Second language evaluations: There are three tests used to evaluate your second language skills: reading comprehension, written expression, and oral proficiency. The Public Service Commission website features valuable information to help you prepare. There are descriptions of the tests and proficiency levels, as well as self-assessments to give you an idea of what to expect.

Post-secondary degrees and diplomas from international institutions: We may recognize post-secondary degrees, diplomas or certificates from institutions outside Canada, providing you supply proof of Canadian equivalency. For more information on obtaining equivalencies, please visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials website.

Requests for accommodation: We are committed to inclusive, barrier-free selection processes and work environments. If you are contacted in relation to a job opportunity or assessment, please advise us in a timely fashion of any accommodation measures required to enable you to be assessed in a fair and equitable manner.

Withdrawal from a process: If you withdraw from a process, your application will no longer be considered. This will not impact on your ability to submit a new application for another process in the future.

If you have questions about your application for a specific position or for general inquiries, please send an email to

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